What is the difference between a custom bundle offer type and a tiered offer type?

The Custom Bundle Offer Type is suited for any type of product or variant combination in which you simply want to display a single bundling offer without multiple tiers. This makes the Custom Bundle most suitable for kits, gift offers, Shop the look,  Mix and Match as well as Frequently Bought together offers.

The Tiered offer type is perfect for quantity break and volume-based discounts. It allows you to create multiple offers to show within the same block. The idea is for you to be able to display multiple tiers and offers of increasing reductions& benefits using the same space as you would for just one bundle. This type of display is usually the one that increases your chances to grow your revenue drastically from the same number of orders.

With either option, you can create both product or variant of product offers, adjust any number of units and discounts for each of the items included in the offer and fully customize the look and copywriting of your bundle. You also won’t have any restrictions on the display style or on the placement and positioning of the offer on the Product Page.

For more information check out our article on the different offer types.