What is My Database in Design Presets?

To make bundle creation more efficient, the app allows you to create and save your own design presets in order to quickly and easily apply these settings to any new offer you create. This also allows you to effortlessly maintain a consistent look for all the bundles across your store. 

There are two ways to create your own design presets.

  1. Editing existing designs from the Presets Database.

Each preset has a button allowing you to edit the design so that you can add your own tweaks. These will be saved in your personal in-app database, under the My Presets tab. This gives you a great starting point if you’re looking to try new modern looks and make small customizations and tweaks.

In order to do this, you need to edit a preset of your choice and change the title to save it as a separate one in your collection.   

      2. Building your own presets from scratch

To do this, simply go to the My Presets tab and start building a new one.

The customization remains consistent throughout Text, Product Image, Button, Animation and Tier Offer. This format is the same one you encounter when creating a new Bundle Offer and make your own design customizations. You can learn more from our help article on How to create a Bundle Offer.