Do I need to customize my Cart Discount Message?

We advise that you customize the Cart Discount Message in order to make sure that it’s consistent with your theme, store’s language and brand message, however, this is entirely optional.

Default Settings

By default, the font family, type and size will automatically be those of your theme.

The default message displayed will be:
Thank you for claiming our bundle offer!
The discount code will be automatically applied at checkout.

The positioning of the message will be immediately underneath the Checkout button of your Cart Page, aligned to the right.

Available Customizations

You can limit the customizations to simple changes such as choosing a different font style, color or size to make the message stand out for your customers.

However, you can also edit the text itself, the alignment as well the relative positioning of this message on your cart page using our dynamic injector.

As with bundles, all your customizations can be previewed before going live to make sure you’re happy with the look.

Please note: If enabled, the cart discount message will be the same and it will appear for all your claimed bundle offers so when customizing, we advise that you keep this consistent with your theme and Cart Page design rather than with the design of an individual bundle.