How to inject the bundle offer with the Shopify 2.0 app blocks

If you upgraded to a Shopify 2.0 theme then you’ll be able to use the app block widgets to insert the bundles you create anywhere in your store from the theme editor. To use this feature, head over to Settings and select Bundle Injection via App Blocks.

Follow the Go to Shopify 2.0 Block Injection button to open a new tab and be redirected to your store’s theme in the customize mode.

The app block positioning works as a global setting for pages in your store.

All product page bundles displayed using the app blocks will appear in the exact same position on their respective product pages. All collection page bundles will appear in the same position on their respective collection pages. This makes the Shopify 2.0 app block a great way to keep positioning consistent across your store.

If you’re creating a bundle and you want to use this option for the first time before you had a chance to visit the Settings and position app blocks inside your store’s theme, you will get an error message. To resolve this, click on the highlighted word ‘Settings’ in order to be redirected.

You can also add BundleBee app blocks at any time using the Customize option from your store theme.

To create a new app block you’ll need to add a section or add a block inside an already existing section depending on the desired position. In either scenario select Bundle Bee Bundles Builder from the apps list at the bottom.

Once you’ve added the app block you can click and hold to be able to move the element and place it anywhere on the page as you can see below.

You can switch between different pages in your store using the top drop-down menu.

Once you're done with placing the app blocks on any pages you want to display bundles on you can return to settings where a confirmation message should appear like below. You can always return to your Settings to edit, remove or add new app blocks. If you were in the middle of creating a bundle, simply return to that tab and finish saving and launching it.

If you choose the option to Display with the Shopify Theme 2.0 App Blocks you can assign a priority number to your bundles. It’s important to note that each app block can only display one bundle, which is why all bundles have a priority number. This will help when choosing what bundle to display in case you select multiple offers for the same page. The highest priority is 0. Bundles injected using the Shopify 2.0 app blocks will be displayed in order of priority.

As with any other display method, in order for your bundle to go live, click Save and Launch and confirm if the placement on the website corresponds with your desired position and the app block placement.

Please note: Regardless of where you’ve placed app blocks in your store, bundles will only show on the selected pages. For example, we created a bundle to be displayed only on default product and a specific collection page. Even if we have app blocks for all collection pages as well as the homepage, our bundle will only be displayed on the relevant ones chosen initially.

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