3 Bundle Ideas To Get Started

Frequently Bought Together Long Horizontal Display

FBT is a very common offer style that most customers are familiar with it from bigger e-commerce platforms like Amazon. Because of the popularity of this format, this type of display tends to convert well in any e-commerce store.

We recommend you use the Long Horizontal Look display style to better resemble the easily recognizable Frequently Bought Together offer you would see in stores like Amazon. In order to do this, you will need to choose the Wide Vertical Offer display. 

After choosing a combo of products that are commonly bought together and creating the offer, there is nothing left but to customize the look of the offer. You can either choose a preset from our database or use the custom editor we offer.

Once you're happy with the look of the bundle offer you can use our dynamic selector and choose the best position to place the offer on the product page.

For this display structure, we recommend you use a placement that is wide enough to accommodate it and make it blend well with the rest of your website. Our most recommended placement is right underneath the product images and product description and for this, you need to make sure that using the dynamic selector you pick the element that includes both columns. This will be highlighted by an interrupted green line as shown in the image below: 

So what is left now is to inject the bundle, confirm the display and launch.

“Shop The Look” Tiered Variant Level Options

One unique option we offer is the tiered sliding feature in which you can create multiple bundles that will auto slide to increase your chances of having your customers find their perfect combo.

We'll start by creating the bundle normally and choose the Variant Level Specificity to be able to create multiple bundles with different variant combos in the perfect mix and match. You will need to also select the Tiered Bundle Offer and by default, we'll display them on the product pages included in the bundle.

Please note: We are using product level specificity because we want to make a combo with a dress that comes in different size variants and variant level specificity displays each individual variant as a standalone element inside the bundle,  instead of  one element with a drop-down with all variants.

The next step would be selecting the desired Display structure and in this example, we will use the Multiple Auto Slide - Horizontal Display because we want the offers to slide automatically.

You can now choose the products in the first tier, write a special Tier 1 title by clicking the Edit icon next to Tier 1 and select the discount and top bundle message. Now we can move on and create 2 more tiers in different colors. 

Once the 3 offers are done we can move to customization starting from the text then images, button and animation. For this example, we go for a simple look so we are only going to customize the text and the button color and animation. 

Now we can insert using the  the bundle injector and confirm the look on the front end.

Tiered Product Breaks Minimal Look

For the Minimalist tiered look we recommend using products that don’t have variants and and for which quantity break discounts make sense. In our example we will use clay planting ball bags as an example.

To start with we will name our bundle and select a Product level specificity, Tiered Bundle Offer and choose to display it on the page of the product included in the bundle.

The display structure will be the Minimalist Tiered Offers.

Now to build the offer we'll choose our product and by default, with this display structure any new tier you add will automatically add the same product.  You can edit the offer meaning the quantity and discount offered below.

The last step is customizing the title of the offer and the button for a simpler look. 

What's now is to inject the bundle, confirm the display and launch. 

We choose to place it relative to the Buy Button, below it.

By following the Product page redirect  on the last step, we can confirm we are happy with the placement and confirm the result.