Why is my bundle not showing ?

If you're encountering this issue we would like to ask that you please check the following before contacting our support team:

1. Please make sure that the app is Enabled.

You can find the Enable button at the very top of the Home page underneath the nav bar. 

2. Please make sure that the Bundle Display settings you applied during the bundle creation match your desired positioning and that you've selected the appropriate Product Pages.

Please note: If you've chosen to use the 3rd option in this list,  make sure that your custom embed  code is copied correctly and applied to the appropriate files inside your theme editor. We only recommend your chose this option if you are entirely comfortable with editing your theme's code. 

3. Please review the Bundle Display positioning settings under the Customize and Launch section of the bundle editor and make sure these match with your previous Product Page selection.

If you've chosen to inject your bundle using the Shopify Theme 2.0 Placeholder Widget please also make sure that you've copied your code correctly before pasting this in the desired places on your website.

If everything looks fine and your bundle is still not showing please contact us on support@appattic.com .