How to show multiple offers on Product Pages

Bundle Bee Bundles Builder allows you to display and freely position as many offers as you like on any page in your store.

For the Product Page specifically, we recommend that you use our Display Relative to Custom Element positioning method to make it easier for you to choose exactly where to place your bundles. The advantage of using this method is that any other offer already displayed on the Product Page will be shown once you open the dynamic selector to choose your exact positioning. 

In our example, our product page already has a bundle displayed underneath the product card.

We want to display a second bundle positioned strategically above the quantity selector button. We’ll do this using the relative to custom element positioning option.

First we’ll select the quantity button using the dynamic injector and confirm the selection at the top of the screen.

Once this is done, we’re redirected to the bundle creation where we must now save and launch our bundle. 

For more information on how to use this type of positioning check our article on How to use the Element Selector bundle injection . Alternatively, you can also inject bundles on Product pages using the Shopify Theme 2.0 Placeholder Widget. For more information on this method of positioning, check out the following article.