How to change the Bundle position on the Product Page

Bundle Bee Bundles Builder's flexible positioning options give you the ability to place your bundles anywhere on the Product Page.

In order to change the position of an existing bundle, go to either the Homepage or the Bundles tab inside the app, choose the bundle that you want to reposition and click the edit icon on the far right.

You’ll be redirected to the first page of bundle creation and design. In order to change the position of the offer, go to the final section: Customize and Launch.

In our example, our Bundle was originally positioned using the dynamic element selector, above the product quantity selector. There are 2 very easy ways to change the position of your bundle on the product page.

We’ll first reposition it using the Display relative to the Add To Cart Button. This lets you insert the bundle offer above or below the add-to-cart button on the Product Page. Once the new position settings are applied click Save and Launch Bundle.  

Once the bundle is live, you can use the Product Page button to get redirected and check your bundle’s position. In this case, we don’t really like how this position works with the Debut theme as the ADD TO CART button is shorter than the product description so we’re going to go ahead and reposition our bundle underneath the product description as we believe this will work better with our theme. 

We'll now reposition it using the Display Relative to Custom Element Position. You’ll be redirected on to the Product page to identify the ID or Class of any element you want to display the bundle offer relative to. Once you select that element, you can confirm and we will apply the selector automatically in the Custom Element Selector.

In our example, we’ll reposition our offer underneath the product description. Elements that you hover over will be highlighted with an interrupted green line so that you can select them clearly.

Please note: as you can see from the above example, once redirected on to the product page, you’re able to see the bundle in its original position underneath the add to cart button. As soon as you confirm and apply the new position settings and save and launch your bundle, the offer appears in the correct place on the page.