How to show Bundle(s) on Collection pages

Bundle Bee Offers the unique ability to display your bundles on any page in your store with no coding required. In order to display an offer on a Collection page, the first step is Selecting the Specific Pages option under Bundle Display. This will generate a drop down menu where you can select from a list of all your Collections. 

Once you are finished with the bundle creation and design, the last page (Customize and Launch) will look slightly different. The Display Relative to Add to Cart Button positioning option will not be available. The recommended method is to position your bundle using the dynamic selector.

As shown in the image below, there is now a separate line added that allows you to use the selector to position your bundle anywhere on the collection page (or pages) of your choice.

If you’ve chosen to also display the bundle on product pages, this will require its own separate positioning using the selector. The dynamic selector will work as usual and redirect you to a product page so that you may position your bundle in the desired placement.

The selector behaves exactly as it would for positioning bundles on the product page. Each HTML element you hover over will be highlighted with an interrupted green line. Once your selection is made, confirm this in the green box at the top of the screen. For more information on using the dynamic injector, please check out this article.

Please note: In the video below, you see how hovering over each element will highlight it with a dotted green line. In this example, we’ve chosen to position our bundle underneath the product display section template of the Collection Page.

Please note: if you’ve chosen multiple collection pages, the dynamic selector will only redirect you to one page in order to choose the position of the bundle. This will remain consistent and the bundle will be displayed relative to the same element on all collection pages selected.