Create your first pop-up

  1. Start by selecting the pop-up type

This determines what products will be used in the pop-ups. You can create pop-ups based on your most recent order activity ( Sales popups) or based on the add-to-cart activity of your store (Add to Cart Popup).

  1. Give your pop-up a suggestive name that will help you better organize and differentiate between them as you add more to your store. Please bear in mind this is only visible to you.

  1. Choose the products you want to be included in your pop-ups - by default, this is all products.

You can also select only specific variants of products.

  1. Choose a date range for the data use

This could be the last x number of days or the last x number of hours

  1. If needed, you can modify the pop-up display settings

By default, pop-ups get displayed for 5 seconds, after 5 seconds of a visitor being on the page. If there are multiple pop-ups, the delay between each one being displayed on the same page is also 5 seconds by default.

  1. Choose one of our highly converting preset designs

You can preview how the pop-up will look like on both mobile as well as desktop view.

Please note if you later change the position of the widget this will not be shown in the preview.

If you’re not fully happy with a preset, or you'd like to create something new, you can choose to Customize and Design your popup.

You can change the text, its alignment, color, font and dimension, as well as add emojis. When creating your own pop-up, you can also choose which layout you’d like it to be.

For even more granular customization, you can also add additional HMTL or style elements of the widgets using CSS. Beneath the input box, you’ll find a list of available CSS selectors.

  1. Position your pop-up

  1. Apply any additional settings as needed

You can apply optional GEO targetting settings if you only want tocks levels to be displayed/not displayed only for visitors from certain countries.

You can also optionally choose to exclude pop-ups from the Homepage or from certain pages of your store based on their URL.