Getting Started With Price Per Unit

Have you just installed Price Per Unit? Get up and running in no time with this quick start guide.


Price Per Unit is designed to show the unit pricing of your products. This allows customers to see the individual price per unit of measurement (for example: kg, lbs , sq. foot, sq. meter etc.) or per item in a package or bulk.

Our app allows you to either fully customize how the price per unit is displayed for each of your products individually or alternatively, to format price per unit for hundreds or even thousand of products all at once.

Price per Unit automatically detects your store's currency and recalculates the correct unit price in the event of a price change. 

For ease and efficiency our Settings  enable you to select default price per unit display formatting, defaults units of measurement or even a default currency to save time and to ensure consistency across your site. 

Finally, the app comes with a preview feature to help you ensure that you're happy with the price per unit being displayed before this goes live on your store and the text, font and sizing will integrate seamlessly with your store's theme. 

Getting Started

Once the app is installed in your store, navigate to the "Apps" section of you Shopify Admin Panel, then click on "Price Per Unit".

Once the dashboard loads you will be able to choose between two options:

Select a product - use this option to select an individual product from your store and customize how you want the price per unit to be displayed. This is useful if you only have a few products where you want this feature.

Upload in bulk using a CSV file - use this option to upload products in bulk and only edit the price per unit display once for hundreds or thousands of items in your store. There is a link in the description that you can use to download a template for the CSV file. 

If this is your first use of the app, we recommend that you choose the ''Select a product'' option so that you can familiarize yourself with the process. You can find a step-by-step guide on creating your first price per unit here:

Once there are products in your store for which you are showing a price per unit, these products as well as their settings will be displayed on the Homepage underneath these two options. 

Please note: for the best results, please use the Google Chrome browser and please avoid "incognito mode" as we the app relies on cookies to work.