Getting Started With Price Per Unit

Have you just installed Price Per Unit? Get up and running in no time with this quick start guide.


Price Per Unit is designed to show the unit pricing of your bulk products. This allows customers to see the individual price per component, per unit or as a per weight value.

Clearer pricing will improve your conversion rates storewide.

Getting Started

Once the app is installed in your store, navigate to the "Apps" section of you Shopify Admin Panel, then click on "Price Per Unit". Once the dashboard loads you can see the products which have the per-unit-price enabled, along with the values being used.

There are two buttons you can use, located in the center of the screen:

"Add Products" - which is used to create a per-unit-price for one of your products

"Settings" - which allows you to customize the frontend text and currency displayed in the store (the tail end text is customizable for each product individually)

Please note: for the best results, please use the Google Chrome browser and please avoid "incognito mode" as we the app relies on cookies to work.