Getting Started With Price Per Unit

Have you just installed Price Per Unit? Get up and running in no time with this quick start guide.


Price Per Unit is designed to show the unit pricing of your products. This allows customers to see the individual price per unit of measurement (for example: kg, lbs , sq. foot, sq. meter etc.) or per item in a package or bulk.

You can easily display the unit prices of your products right under the total price, on both product pages and collection pages.

The app allows you to either  add one product at a time or configure all products at once using our easy to use CSV file.

Price Per Unit is easy to configure and you can apply your settings to all the products in your store. You can provide a custom: * unit of measurement * currency * price per unit format*. If the store-wide settings are not enough for some of your products, you can tweak their individual settings to use a custom format, a different unit of measurement and even a different currency.

Price per Unit automatically detects your store's currency and recalculates the correct unit price in the event of a price change.

Finally, it works right out of the box! You don't need to edit your theme or add any code - our app will display the price per unit right underneath the main product price.

Getting Started

Once the app is installed in your store, navigate to the "Apps" section of you Shopify Admin Panel, then click on "Price Per Unit".

Once the dashboard loads you will be able to choose between two options:

Single Product Setup- you can use this to setup the individual price per unit for one product at a time. This is useful if you only have a few products where you want this feature.

Bulk Setup (CSV file) -  you can use this option to upload a CSV file with multiple products to setup the price per unit in bulk. hundreds or thousands of items in your store. There is a link in the description that you can use to download a template for the CSV file.

You can find a step-by-step guide on creating your first price per unit using the Single Product Setup here:

Once there are products in your store for which you are showing a price per unit, these  will be displayed on the Homepage to the right of the two setup options. You can filter products using the search bar, change the Status off the price of per unit display (enable or disable it), and finally, edit or simply delete the price per unit settings for any individual product.