Global Positioning Settings

These are designed to ensure consistent positioning of your sold stock widgets as well as your pop-ups across your store.

Once you set up global positioning settings you can apply these in 1 click to any new widget or pop-up that you create and ensure it will be positioned in the same place on the product page.

You can find and edit these under the Settings tab.

Global Positioning Settings for Widgets

The first step is to choose the position from the drop-down. You can choose if you want the widget placed below, above, inside at the top, or inside at the bottom of any HMTL element on the product page. This element could be anything from the product title, description, price, the add to cart button etc.

When ready, click to Open the dynamic selector. This will redirect you to the product page where you can now pick any element on the page that you want to position your widget next to.

To simplify this process, each element you hover over is highlighted with a blue interrupted line. Once an element is selected, you can see a placeholder label showing exactly where your widget will be positioned.

Once you’re happy with the placement, click the green Confirm selection button inside the banner at the top. This will return you to the settings page where you need to click the blue Save button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and your new settings will be saved. You can now apply these in 1 click to any new widget you create.

Global Positioning Settings for Pop-ups

You can set separate global positioning settings for mobile and desktop views. You can choose if you want the pop-up to appear at the bottom or the top of the screen.

For desktop, you can also select the alignment of the pop-up. Finally, you can choose not to display pop-ups on either desktop or mobile by hiding the display.

Once you’ve selected all your preferences, click Save. You can now apply these to any new pop-ups you create.