How to Update Product Tags using Specific Text

You can do this from the Bulk Edit Tags section of the app. To get there go to the Homepage - Bulk Edit Tags - Edit tags based on specific text. 

You can  add or remove tags where any of the product fields, including the title or description, contain specific text. This is how easy it is:

1. In the first text box enter the relevant words/phrases that you want to edit your tags based off of. The text can be one or multiple words and it’s not case sensitive. In the background our app will select any products  with any fields that contain that text.

2. Select the text & product field match. This is useful for you to filter the product selection more accurately. Here are the options:
  a) Exactly as entered above- this will make sure that only products selected are only the ones where the text you've entered matches the product field exactly
  b) All words entered above - this options ensures the selected products are the ones where the fields contain all the words/text you’ve entered, but not in a specific order
  c) Contain one or more of the words entered above - this option is useful if you want to edit tags for a wide range of products. 

3. Choose if you want to add or remove tags from the products selected. 

4. Enter the tags you want added or removed in the second text box
Please note: You can add or remove multiple tags at once just please make sure you enter them separated by commas.

5. Save your changes.

Schedule Changes (optional)
If you don't want your changes to take place straight away, you can schedule these  using a date and time selector. Please make sure to set the date and time before you Save. 

For more information on how to use the  Bulk Edit Tags section of the app please check out How to use the Bulk Edit Tags Function