How to tag orders using the date and time they were placed

You can do this from the Tag Orders with Distributor or Courier  section of the app. To get to the right place go to the Homepage - Tag Orders with Distributor or Courier  - Tag using date and time of order.

This allows you to tag orders by selecting date and time ranges. While the support text encourages you to tag the names of multiple distributer, couriers or delivery people you can absolutely apply any other tag you wish.

Here's how you do it: 
1. The 1st step is to select 'Add Distributor' - this will redirect you to a new page where you can add your tags based on the date & time. If this is not your first time using this functionality, this section will display a list of any other tags you've previously applied using the date and time as well as give you an option to delete these.

2. Enter the tag or tags you want to be applied to the orders in the text box. When entering multiple tags please separate these by commas. 
Please note: While the message in the message encourages you to enter courier, delivery person or distributor names, you can enter any text that you want. 

3. Select the date & time range.
Please note: You can also select past dates and apply the tags retrospectively

4. Save your changes.

You can now view the enabled rule in Your Store's Rules section of the app. From here, you can always disable this rule if you no longer want the tags to be applied or edit it by adding & removing more tags based on date and time.