How to use Bulk Upload (CSV file)

This feature allows you to set the price per unit for thousands of products at a time with no maximum limit. Below is  a step by step guide for using this feature: 

1. Download the CSV template

You can  find the link to download the template on the Homepage, under the main header for this functionality. Simply click the hyperlink to download  onto your device. 

2. Complete the bulk upload CSV file

The complete the CSV file you will need the following information: Product SKU & Number of Units. There is a  3rd column where you can add the Unit of Measurement however, filling in this column is entirely optional. Leaving it blank will mean that the the price per unit will be formatted using the Default Unit of Measurement from the Settings
For reference, please see the example below we create for one of our demo stores:

3. Upload completed CSV file

Once your file is completed, you can return to the Homepage and click the Upload CSV file button under the Bulk Upload (CSV file) heading. This will redirect you to a new screen where you can upload your file by clicking the Add file button or alternatively, by dragging and dropping it into the highlighted box. 

4.Save and Enable your changes

Once uploaded, click the Save button next to the CSV file. This will apply the relevant price per unit for each product using the Default Price per Unit Format in Settings

Once done, you should now be able to click the Save and Enable button underneath the file upload box. This will enable the price per unit to be displayed in your store and redirect you to the Homepage where you will be able to view a list of your products. You can edit each one on an individual level, delete the price per unit or choose when to enable/disable it.

Please note: The use of this feature requires appropriate default Settings. We highly recommend that before using it you  familiarize yourself with these by checking out this article: