How To Create a Custom Alt Text Format?

You can customize the Alt Text format for all images in your store in 3 easy steps: 

1. Click on the link to create a custom Alt Text format

You can find this on the Homepage of the AltPaca app immediately underneath your current alt text format used for the images in your store. Simply click the link and delete the current formatting.

2. Type in your chosen Alt Text format 

To create a custom Alt Text format you can use any of the following values: [title], [store], [vendor], [filename], [sku], [variant], [tags], [handle],  [color], [size], [style], [material]. Simply type in your chosen alt text format in the text box, and once finished, click the greyed out Update button.  

3. Update the Alt Text for all your Images

Once the new custom format is ready to be applied, the Update button should chance from grey to green. Click the Update button again to being processing the alt text for all your images. Depending on the number of images in your store, this can take a few minutes so we will send you an email notification once it's done.