How to use Preset Tagging Rules

This article offers an overview of our Preset Tagging Rules and how you can use these for your store. 

To make life easier for our merchants, we created a list of 33 super-useful & incredibly time saving preset automatic tagging rules. You can apply these to products, variants, orders and customers. These are built in rules that don't require any configuration or editing. They can be enabled in just one click resulting in tags automatically being applied. Here's how it works: 

1. To get started, head over to the Enable Preset Tagging Rules section on the Homepage

Here you will find a complete list of all available Preset Rules that you can use for your store. Each rule in the list will have:
1) a brief description 
2) the tag applied - this can either be the actual text or the field applied (fields are marked by [ ] )
3) a switch icon that allows you to enable or disable the rule
4) a star icon that you can use to favourite the rule
5) an eye/view icon that provides additional information about the rule and the tags applied.

You can filter the list using the rule category (Product, Variant, Order or Customer), by latest rules added or in alphabetical order.

You can also search for individual rules by typing key words in the search bar or filter by Favorite. 
Use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the page to navigate though the list.

2. Click on the eye/view icon for a full description on how the rule works and what tags will be applied.

3.Once you've found what you're looking for, simply enable the rule using the switch icon

The rule is now active and tags will automatically be applied. 

You can now view the enabled rule in Your Store's Rules section of the homepage. From here, you can always disable this rule if you no longer wish for the tags to be applied.