Custom Bundle Offer Type Vs. Tiered Offer Type

Custom Bundle Offer

The Custom Bundle Offer Type is suited for any type of product or variant combination in which you simply want to display a single bundling offer without multiple tiers. This makes the Custom Bundle most suitable for kits, gift bundles, Mix and Match, 'Shop the Look' as well as Frequently Bought together offers.

When choosing this Offer Type you won’t have any restrictions on display style (horizontal or vertical display) or on the placement and positioning of the offer on the Product Page.

Depending on whether you create a Product Level Specificity or Variant Level Specificity bundle, you’ll be able to adjust any number of units for each of the items included in the offer and fully customize the look and copywriting of your bundle.

You’ll be able to use any of the following 3 styles depending on where you want to display your offer to make sure it fits well on the page.

Display Types

The Wide Vertical Display shows the products included in the bundle offer as well as the claim button in a vertical line.

The Vertical Display will show the products in the same line with the bundle offer price with the claim button underneath. 

The Horizontal Display will show each product included in the offer, the price of the bundle offer, and the claim button one under the other, horizontally. We recommend we use this display style if you plan on positioning the bundle anywhere where the width of the HTML elements is smaller. 

For example, this type of display is better suited to be placed above the add to cart or the product description section of your product page. 

Tiered Offers

The Tiered offer type is perfect for quantity breaks and volume-based discounts. It allows you to create multiple offers to show within the same block. The idea is for you to be able to display multiple tiers and offers of increasing reductions and benefits, all while using the same space as you would for just one bundle. 

This type of display is usually the one that increases your chances to grow your revenue drastically from the same number of orders.

Display Styles

The Elegant Tier Switch will offer you the option to write custom titles and create separate discounts for each tier.  Your customers will be able to click through each tier to see the offer included. This will increase the chances to get an offer claim since you’re able to display multiple options and your customers are able to choose the one that better suits their needs.

The Multiple Auto Slide will display multiple offers where again each offer has a different tier title, however, the discount offers slide automatically. The benefit is that your customers will see all offers available without having to actively click through them. 

The minimalist tier offer is better suited if you want to display tiered offers for the same product. You’ll only be able to use one product or variant of a product and offer different discounted prices depending on the quantity ordered. 

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