Product Level Specificity vs. Variant Level Specificity

The specificity level is a very useful element in creating offers that make sense for your customers while making sure you manage your inventory and bundles correctly. Bundle Bee offers two main options:

Product Level Specificity

This allows you to create bundles by including products with all their available variants as part of the bundle offer. You’re able to include or exclude any variants you want when choosing a specific product, but the quantity required to redeem the offer is adjusted at product level.
Your customers will be able to select any available variant to claim the bundle offer making it a great option if it doesn’t matter which variant is chosen. Please be mindful of the fact that some favorite variants may end up being sold out faster or you may be left with specific stock quantities of variants that don’t sell as well. For some ideas of what you can do to reduce surplus inventory, please check out this article.  

Variant Level Specificity

This option allows you to specifically choose which variants to include in your bundles offers and adjust their particular quantity levels separately.

Each of your chosen variants will l also be displayed separately as individual items as part of your bundles making this option particularly useful if you are left with higher stocks from variants that are maybe less popular. This is a great way to upsell these as part of offers and special bundles that your customers may enjoy. 

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