How to use the Element Selector bundle injection

Our Element Selector bundle injection feature is an easy-to-use dynamic way to place your offer anywhere on the product page by selecting the position relative to any HTML element on the page you can select by clicking on it.

By default we offer the above or below positioning relative to the add-to cart button with can be done with just that selection.

The second option is the Element Selector for which again you can choose to position above or below the ID or Class of the element relative to which you want to place the bundle offer. For this choose the Position and click the Open dynamic selector.

This will open a new tab in which the product page becomes interactive and as you hover on the page you can select with your mouse any HTML element on the page to position the bundle relative to it. As you click in the top green bar the ID or Class is automatically extracted and appears in the bar and you can confirm and click Confirm Selection or if you want to select another element you can click the Try Again and choose another element.

For example if you are interested to select another element such as the price element once you click Try Again you can click the section with the price element and this will select automatically the ID and populate it in the bar.

Once you click Confirm Selection you will automatically be redirected in the bundle creation element in the app and the ID will be automatically introduced in the section “Custom Element Selector” as you can see below.

The only step left is to click Save&Launch to make your bundle offer active. At the last step you will be able to check the life bundle on the product page and confirm if it is as you expected and as the preview shows. This is a simple verification and if you encounter any problems please don’t hesitate to contact support to assist you with the bundle injection and creation process.

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