Why should you use Design Presets

We offer design presets such that you can easily apply all design settings to any new bundle offer. This also allows you to maintain the look of bundle offers consistent in the entire store.

Each preset will give you 3 options one to preview in the window on top of the database, to delete it (we need to mention here that the ones we offer for free in the Presets Database can’t be deleted but you can delete any presets you have created yourself), and edit them to create your own tweaks to the presets.

You can apply presets in bulk using the Master Edit function. You can also edit starting from any preset and create new presets in your personal database.

You can also create new presets starting from scratch and save them in your database, go to My Presets and start building a new one.

You can also create a new Preset starting from an existing one from the Presets Database we offer. In order to do this, you need to edit a preset of your choice and you will be able to change the title first to save it as a separate one in your collection.

The design presets are really useful when creating a Bundle Offer since it takes just a matter of seconds to customize the offers fully before you choose where to inject them in the product page.

The customization remains the same going through Text, Product Image, Button, Animation and Tier Offer specific customizations. This format is the same one you encounter when creating a new Bundle Offer and doing your own design customization. You can learn more from our help articles about How to create a Bundle Offer.

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