How to create a Bundle Offer

To start creating a bundle offer go to Bundles and click the Add New Bundle or use any Add New Bundle button. You will need to give your bundle a name first and you can use any tags you think may make it easier for you in the future to browse through bundle offers.

The first section of the bundle creation will allow you to choose the Bundle Specificity Level, Bundle Offer Type and Bundle Display.

The specificity level will allow you to choose between Product and Variant Specificity Level. We advise you use Variant Level if you only want to include specific variants in the offer since the Product Specificity Level will allow customers to choose any variant to claim in that bundle offer. In the offer below you can see how if you choose the product level specificity customers can choose any variant option in the bundle and if you choose a specific variant then they will have no variant levels.

Under the Bundle Display you will choose the pages you want to display the bundle on. By default, it is displayed on the pages of the products included in the bundle offer. However, you can also choose to display it on any product page you want by selecting Specific Products. You will need to click on Add Products and a pop-up with the product listings will appear where you can select any number of pages you want to display the offer on.

Once selecting you will be able to see the selection and you can delete or add new ones if wanted.

If you choose the last option it means that after you customize the look of the bundle you will get a code generated that you can use to inject the bundle anywhere you want directly in the liquid file. Please use this option only if you are comfortable with editing the code in your store’s theme.

If you choose the Custom Bundle Offer you will be able to choose between 3 display types depending on where you want to position the bundle offer. If you are planning on positioning the bundle offer on the Product Page in the Product Details section we recommend using the Vertical one to fit narrow sections of the page.

If you choose the Tiered Bundle Offer you will be able to choose between 5 different display types depending on the placement of the bundle offer on the front end of your store.

The next step will allow you to select any products or variants to be included in the offer and adjust the quantity for each. If you will choose a Product Specificity Level option in the step before you will be able to change the quantity at a product level while choosing the variant specificity level you will be able to change the quantity at a variant level.

After selecting the products or variants and quantity you can select a type of offer and percentage OFF. You can either choose a date range in which the bundle will be available or leave it blank to have it working the moment you launch until you disable the bundle offer.

You can fully customize the look of your bundle offer with just one click by using our Style Presets. We offer a collection of fully customization styles that automatically apply it to any bundle offer you create. You can also create presets of your own and save them your My Presets database.

By going through the manual customization process you will start with customizing the text visible in the bundle offer except for the Button text and the Tier Title text since these 2 will be customized in the next steps.

The second step is customizing the look of the product images and you will be able to add a border create a 3D effect with the Shadows and Blur and also round the corners if wanted.

Next step is customizing the look of the button where we offer a lot of options from the look of the button itself and the text on the button. You can adjust the size and arrangement of the button as well as the text. We also offer a really useful feature which is our database of preset done for you gradients you can apply to your button. This database from UI gradients offers that professional look with the coolest color combinations and adds a gradient orientation to make it look even better.

After the button, you can continue with animations applied to the button to make it really pop and draw your customer’s attention to the bundle offer. Of course, you can also choose to apply no animation effect for a simpler look.

The last customization is the Tier Offer Customization where you can edit Tiered Offer specific design elements such as the title of the tier and depending on the design display you will also have the option to customize the border of the tier title (this applies to the Elegant Tier Switch display style).

With the Customization done we are left with the last step which is injecting the bundle anywhere on the page you want and launching. For this please check out the detailed How to use the Element Selector bundle injection help article.

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