This section of the app is where you’ll find additional global customizations for your OutSell funnels. You can use the Settings to influence the customer journey through button behavior, translate your funnel into your store’s language or simply to make sure the messaging better suits your brand.

Here are some examples of what you can do from Settings:

Button Click Behavior

You can modify the customer’s journey from your pop-up by selecting how you want the ‘Continue’ and ‘X’ buttons to behave.

By default, when clicked, the ‘Continue’, as well as the ‘X’ buttons will close the pop-up and use normal theme behavior, however, you can set either of these to redirect the merchant to the cart or checkout page. Please note: Some themes are incompatible with non-default settings so please make sure to check the OutSell offer popup on your store to ensure the setting is compatible.


This section of the settings page is designed to make sure that the pop-up title and all buttons can be translated into your store’s language of choice, but you can also use these to create custom messaging that better suits your brand.

You can customize the title of your pop-ups, especially in preparation for special holiday season funnels. You can also modify the wording inside the Add to Cart button, Upgrade Button, Continue to Cart button, and Discount Tag

Please be mindful that these are global settings and the button behaviours as well as custom text will be the same across all funnels.

For more information on how to set up your first funnel check out  our article on How to set up your first OutSell Funnel .