How to create your first Outsell funnel

Before getting started with creating your first funnel please make sure to activate the OutSell app embed block in your Theme editor. Find out more about how to do this in our article How to Activate Outsell.  

Step 1: Create and name your new your new funnel

Once you’ve made sure this is done, head over to the Funnels page and click the Add Funnel button in the top right-hand corner.

We advise that you’re as clear and descriptive as possible when naming your funnels as this won't just help you stay organized but also make it much easier to manage your funnels and easily distinguish between them for analytics and revenue generated. Don’t worry, the funnel name is only visible to you inside the app

Step2: Select Triggers

You can choose if you want the pop-up including the offer to be displayed for all products in your store or only for specific products or specific collections.

Step3: Add your offers

Our funnels can support 3 different types of highly customizable offers:

Product Upsell- a great option when you’re looking to promote specific products from your store to increase order value AI Recommended - designed to recommend upsell products based on Shopify’s Recommendation API Add-on offers- perfect for offering custom add-ons like gift cards, vouchers, and additional services such as extended warranties.

You can mix and match these to create the perfect combination for your chosen triggers and edit and customize each individual offer to make sure your add-to-cart pop-up is perfect

All your customizations are available to preview to make sure you’re happy with the look before anything goes live. For more information and when and how to use each offer and what type of customizations are available check out our articles on How to use the Product Upsell Offer type, How to use the AI Recommended Offer type and finally, How to use the Add-On Offer .

Step4: Additional Funnel Customizations and Settings

Additionally, you can also add a title and timer to your pop-up that will be visible to your customers.

We advise that you only use the timer option if you want your pop-up to disappear and your offer to be displayed for a limited time only. You can also customize the text of the timer to create urgency. These additional settings can all be previewed before going live so you can make sure you’re happy with your pop-up.

Step: Activate your Funnel

Finally, once you’re happy with your funnel customization, go back to the Funnels page and activate it. Please note: the pop-up will not be displayed in store if you skip this step