How to use the Product Upsell Offer type

The following article is a step-by-step guide to help you create and set up Product Upsell Offers complete with customization options.

This type of offer will allow you to create and customize a pop-up offering existing products from your store as add-to-cart add-ons in order to increase order value. This option is incredibly useful when you’re looking to promote certain products, especially products already discounted or on sale.

If instead of existing products you’re looking to recommend complementary add -ons such as gift vouchers, discount vouchers or additional services please check out our article on How to use the Add-On Offer.

Step1: Create your offer

You can add Product Upsell offers to both new and existing funnels. Once you’re selected your triggers, click the Create Offer button and select Product Upsell.

For information on the other two offer types please check out our articles on How to use the AI Recommended Offer and How to use the Add-On Offer.

Step2: Choose the products you want to recommend in the popup

Selecting the Product Upsell option will generate a list of all products in your store and their respective variants so you can choose the one you want to recommend as part of your offer. 

Please note: For products with multiple variants, you cannot include a specific variant or option. Only the main product will be displayed in the pop-up and the customer will have the ability to choose which variant to add to cart.

While the funnel can display multiple products they each must be added one by one and separate edits, settings, and descriptions applied in order to make sure that the pop-up works correctly and you do not experience issues with the app. To add more than one product simply click Add Offer, select Product Upsell and choose the next product you want to be included in your funnel.

Step3: Edit your Offer

You can make several customizations to your pop-up offer. Firstly, you can choose to add a product description that will appear inside the pop-up.

Secondly, you can display a quantity selector that allows your customers to add more than one product to their cart directly from the pop-up. Please note that not displaying a quantity selector will only allow your customers to add the one product being recommended. This option is useful if you want to limit the number of offer items that can be redeemed with each order.

Finally, you can choose to offer a discount on the full price of the product, or alternatively, you can use the existing ‘Compare at price’ for products already on sale

Step4: Offer Settings

There are 3 options you can choose that determine how your offer will work:

True Upsell (replace original product)
This offer means that the customer can choose the product recommended in the pop-up over the one that they’re currently viewing. We advise you only use this option with very clear product triggers of when it should get displayed. Choosing this type of offer will replace your ‘Add’ button with an ‘Upgrade’ button inside the pop-up.

Skip offer if this product is already in the cart
This option means that the pop-up won’t be displayed to customers that already have one of the offer products in their cart.

Remove upsell product when parent product is removed
We advise you only use this option with very clear product triggers of when it should get displayed.

Step5: Save and Preview your Offer

When you’re done with your edits and setting click Update and your offer will be ready to preview. You can switch mobile and desktop view.